State of the North 2003

The State of the North 2003: A Selection of Papers from the 2003 Charles Darwin Symposia

Tess Lea & Bill Wilson (eds)

'The State of the North' - is it the future of an increasingly environmentally challenged mainstream Australia? Or a failed colonial outpost, already showing signs of its use-by-date in its dependence on imported resources for survival? Does being the 'gateway' to Asia leave residents with a moral responsibility for setting Australia's policy on emergency migration or is our inability to influence policy a simple reminder of the Northern Territory's dependency on the federation? Will becoming a state lend us any weight in the national body politic?

Such questions inspire this collection of papers from the Charles Darwin Symposia Series for 2003, and are collected here to mark an important historic moment in the description of Territory issues.

With clear and purposeful 'think pieces' from such key contemporary commentators as Mandawuy Yunupingu, Tim Flannery, Glenn Withers, Paul Dibb, Andrew Wilkie and Gillian Cowlishaw, this volume should be of use to policy makers and concerned members of the public alike.

At the time of publication, Tess Lea was the Director of the School for Social and Polity Research within the Institute of Advanced Studies at Charles Darwin University and Bill Wilson was a Senior Advisor, Support and Equity Services at Charles Darwin University. He is an historian and expert in issues of politics and policing.