Information Communication Technology at University

Information Communication Technology at University: Skills for Success
(Third Edition)

By Greg Shaw

This book aims to ensure that students in any area of higher education have a good foundation in the use of Information Communication Technology (ICT) that is required to research and produce written and oral presentations successfully at university and in professional contexts.

The text helps students:
• Understand how computers are used in teaching and learning;
• Understand the principles of the computer-human interface;
• Gain skills and understanding of the Internet, including Internet research and use of email;
• Gain skills in using a word-processor to prepare assignments and reports;
• Gain skills in using presentation software;
• Gain skills in using spreadsheet software.

This book takes a problem based learning approach with scaffolding to assist the reader to understand and learn by doing. There are practical exercises throughout designed to assist in this. ICT is changing rapidly and students and universities use different variations of computers and software. Consequently, a focus on generic principles and skills involved in using a computer is taken. The book will be useful for both beginning computer users and users that have some skills and knowledge but wish to extend these.

Greg Shaw (PhD) is now Deputy Director of the Batchelor Institute of Indigenous Tertiary Education. Previously he was a Senior Lecturer in Education at Charles Darwin University where he teaches and conducts research in information communication technology and adult education and training.